Machare Estate 

Blue Mountain Coffee Farms Ltd. 

In 1998 two coffee families took on the adventure of leasing a run-down coffee farm on the slopes of

Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Soon the Lease of URU ESTATE ( Block & Bocha Ltd ) followed.

 TODAY Machare and Uru Estate are to 100 % rehabilitated and of the most scenic and environmentally friendly farms in Tanzania.

The farms have been Utz certified in 2004 as the first Estates in Tanzania.

Thereafter Rainforest Alliance certified in 2007 as the first Estates in Africa. 

Now we are converting to Organic with 41 ha fully certified as organic and the conversion of the

remaining area is in progress. 100 % of the area is already insecticide/fungicide and herbicide FREE.


The Farm's History     Machare Estate

was cultivated as a Coffee Estate in the early 30’s of the last century by a German settler named Fritz Veit,

who sold the farm a couple of years before it was nationalized. 30 years later, in 1998,

as one of the first farms on  Mt.Kilimanjaro, the farm was leased out to us by the Tanzanian government.

The annual lease rent is paid directly into the account of the Coop society of the neighbouring villages.

                                Machare Estate Facts

Machare is  the highest active coffee farm on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania/ East Africa

It is located right below the Rainforest, nestled between two rivers creating a unique Microclimate.



                                                Altitude                              1350 m to 1550

                                               The Total Size of the Farm    145 ha

                                               River & Nature Reserves       38 ha

                                               Productive Area                    71 ha

                                               Coffee Varieties                    Bourbon and Kent

                                               Production                            70 mt

                                               Certification                          EU Organic and Organic in Conversion


                         Our sister Farm URU Estate 

Just 1.5 km away from Machare with a high Shade tree density consisting of

the enourmously impressive and beautiful Albizia gummifera.



                                               Altitude                                  1300 m to 1450 m

                                               The Total size of the Farm        80 ha

                                               Productive  Area                     54 ha

                                               Coffee Varieties                      Bourbon and Kent

                                               Production                              50 mt

                                               Certification                            EU Organic and Organic in Conversion